Our three members completed their 2 months’ Japan onsite and they came back to HCMC with more confidence and many polished skills.

This is a continuation from last news of DEC Tech onsite.  (Please take a look at the following news as well:

We would like to introduce the members who went on-site and share their impressions of the opportunity of working in Tokyo.


Q1: Please tell us your impression of how Japanese DEC Tech team worked?

Is there any difference from the working style in Vietnam? 

Hieu answered:

The first impression of DEC Tech team in Tokyo is that their members come from many different countries, it’s a very diverse environment.

Secondly, in Vietnam we don't have much chances to experience the latest technologies as in Japan. The onsite training was a perfect opportunity for us to grab the real knowledge and experience in developing a software product not only for Japan market but with a Global approach.

Moreover, every single person in Japan team is unique and special. They're specialists in their fields, so we learned a lot from them such as from some Canadian and Russian guys who shared their knowledge and experiences to our members in Vietnam.

I really enjoyed the time spend with the colleagues in Japan, and I will keep the relationship not only this current project, but also further challenging projects.


Q2:  Did the opportunity make you mature?   What did you learn from it?

Tho answered:

During my stay in Japan, I learned a lot of good things which are not only related with technology but also meaningful as a member of society. I could learn about many different areas.

Because Tokyo’s team is a multi-cultural environment, I had the chance to communicate with Europeans and people from other continents and my English skills has been improved. My programming skills and techniques also improved quite a lot. Apart from that, I had the chance to learn more about how to organize, manage and work following Agile processes. I also learned about UML.

As a conclusion, I learned many things that made me more mature and the chance to work on-site has helped me to bond more with the team in Japan. The onsite opportunity made me so happy.


Q3: Please tell us about your overall impression about Tokyo and Japan

Tin answered:

In Tokyo, the temperature was almost 0 degree due to the winter season, so I felt very cold everyday but it was really interesting because I have never experienced such as cold weather in HCMC.

During the weekends, we visited a lot of places such as Shibuya, Shinjuku and Asakusa. From the train, we could appreciate how different is Japan from a cultural point of view, especially when we observed the daily life of Japanese people in the streets, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, etc.

Japanese food is delicious but taste little bit bland for me.

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to get so many experiences thanks to this trip.



We are glad to hear the voices and comments from our members and hope that will help and encourage the next onsite members in near future!

We are glad to know that all the experiences and knowledge that they gained and learned from DEC Tech Japan team will be very valuable for TTV.