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transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV) kicked off TCI Osaka onsite training in conjunction with Tokyo onsite from the end of 2017 to beginning of 2018.






We sent three engineers, Vinh, Tuan and Khoa, to the Osaka office.



In addition to providing an opportunity to get knowledge of new technology and a better understanding of Japanese working environment where many of our clients work, this program helps strengthen the partnership between TTV and our parent company.












Let me share the members’ feedback from their on-site experiences in Osaka, Japan:









It was the second time for me to go to Japan for business but it was my first time to visit Osaka.



During our stay in Osaka, I learned many things related to AEM technology. Besides technology, I communicated with TCI members by Japanese everyday so that my Japanese skills improved a lot.



We had the chance to work with active and funny TCI members who have been continuously working with us in the project after we came back to Vietnam. Currently, we are keeping in touch with TCI members, they shared to us many interesting insights about JP's culture.



Our onsite period expanded from autumn to winter in Japan, so we could see the beautiful autumn leaves, snow and very cold weather which we have never experienced in Vietnam.














This is the first time that I visited Osaka in Autumn and I had the chance to see the brilliant autumn foliage and enjoy a very pleasant temperature. Especially in the mountains, public parks, temples and shrines where the scenery looked very beautiful when the leaves turned red and yellow.



Life in Osaka was very comfortable and convenient with many vending machines, convenience stores, 24h-supermarkets where people can buy food and beverages any time easily. Moreover, Osaka has a great train and subway system which we could utilize to move anywhere in the city. Unexpectedly, the train was not crowded in the morning like in Tokyo, I really liked it.



I love Osaka, not only because of the friendly people but also because of the lifestyle. My only regret is not being able to see any special event or activity for the New Year celebration.



During the holidays and weekends, I visited a lot of famous sightseeing spots in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.



Each trip brought me a wonderful experience when explored about culture, historic monuments, food as well as Japanese people. It was a truly unforgettable memory in my life.












Besides onsite training during weekdays, we visited famous attraction points of Osaka. Of course, we did not forget to visit famous cities or landscapes nearby Osaka such as Kyoto, Nara and Kobe during the weekends and holidays.



I was impressed by the comfortable life and friendly people in Osaka. Especially, public transportation system is very convenient and easy to access for traveler/foreigner even if I cannot speak much Japanese.



There is no doubt that Japanese colleagues are very kind and friendly. They supported us not only at work but also in life's matters. Three-month onsite period was neither long nor short period, however I was feeling grateful for such a warm welcome during my time in Japan.