A business process is the history that a company has accumulated, and it is also a value of the company. BPM products will systematize business process management, thoroughly implement and visualize governance, and respond flexibly to changes in business processes. Alfresco company's Activiti provides business process system according to BPMN 2.0 standard, which is the international standard of BPM (ISO/IEC 19510).


Does your business process need many staffs and the organization become heavier? Are there any inherent risks?


Start from the matter of dependence of human at working place.

Business process focus on people who know, and gradually begin to be depended by human Next, it becomes difficult to standardize the business, and the work is divided into those who are profesional and who are not. From this imbalance, the risk of leaving work increases. It makes retirement rate increase. Because the work is not balanced, the baseline at the transfer destination is relatively low, and the amount of transfers also large, overloading the work, which leads to further retirement risk.


The designed process by sales is not operating correctly.

Business process will rotate with operations that are not intended by management. At first glance, the local team seems to be working well, but the work will be subdivided according to the judgment of the working place such as "Mr.A - manager of finance" and "Mr.B - check the invoice". Initially, it is necessary to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary for the job, but the work is too subdivided that if only one person in charge will lead to a situation that the knowledge will be localized or lacking.


Can be used effectively in a work-sharing structure

Anyone can update / add content, so you can set a work-sharing structure by multiple people. The person in charge of each page can concentrate on their own, and create a more accurate and information-rich site. In addition, it also has a simple workflow function, so you can apply the business such as pre-publication reviews and supervisor checks.



Localization or lack of business knowledge leads to trouble. Loss, personal information leakage, overdue, cost over, etc... After a trouble occurs, review business process and give recurrence prevention measures.


Applying and operating process updates are expensive and costly

There is no problem if there's a policy to prevent recurring problem or improve the business process. ・Update the manual of business process, increase installation costs at working place. Is there any page that can be changed? ・Add recurrence prevention process such as check ◯◯ Is it formed and become formality? ・E-Learning to prevent recurrence Although it has a certain effect, isn't it a guarantee of recurrence prevention?


Business Process Management Solution

By defining and systematizing the work scope of the person in charge, unintended subdivision will be suppressed. The work results are stored in the database, so the productivity will be showed clearly, and the work volume can be balanced. You can easily change business process by using browser. Person in charge only performs their scope of work systematically, and can focus on the work without regard to changing the process. When the business process is visualized, so you can check it at any time, audit costs are also reduced. Results of work is accumulated, you can analyze business bottlenecks and improvement points.


The world has changed significantly under the influence of COVID-19. For the new normal manager has to consider the following two points.


BCP measures (fault tolerance)

Disaster countermeasures were originally considered in Japan, where there are many disasters such as the earthquake. However, with COVID-19, it is necessary to consider business continuity when a major incident arises in addition to local disaster recovery. While localizing the impact of disasters on businesses by decentralizing branches, it requires maintain business continuity by inheriting business between branches. Therefore, it is necessary to bring polymorphism to the features of branches.


Maintain human resources and reduce costs after COVID-19

The human resources market, which was hit by the global recession due to COVID-19, is temporarily tilted to the buyer's market, but we think that it will soon recover and re-enter the seller's market. At that time, the idea of "reforming working style" had been originally founded on the groundwork, so the “industry and occupations where it is possible to work from home” look very attractive. In order to ensure good human resources, it is necessary to prepare a work scheme for working from home, which requires systematization. In addition, if home-based work is widely applied, fixed seats in the office are not required, and the number of seats can be reduced by free address seats. Commuting costs in the Tokyo area, if any, are also reduced by an average of 15,000 yen / person per month. Business management is also based on performance rather than attendance at office, it is possible to switch company management to a more equitable evaluation of human resources, for example, when the salary evaluation is persuasive and convincing.


Business Process Management Solution

Able to work on a PC or tablet by systematizing the work of business process (especially the back office department), because it is based browser so it can support BYOD or Thin client environment without any problems. In addition, because of integration system, it allows to inherit the business activities of other branches by electronic settings such as authorization. The actual work results are saved to the database, the productivity will be clear, and the allocation or personnel evaluation can be performed quantitatively.