Operation of a website is very important. After the first installation, there is a lot of work such as updating product information and IR information, changing layout according to the situation of enterprise and social, signing with advertisement services, add tag, etc. Therefore, it is important to install a website management system in order to reduce the operation workload and create an environment that can concentrate on creating contents. We provide solutions using "Drupal" , an open source CMS used worldwide, and "Aqcuia" which provide as a managed service. We also have Drupal community participants and support customers' website operations with reliable technology.



Easy to create and update contents

It allows for update and addition with visual manipulation without use the description languages such as HTML and CSS is inherently essential for building websites. Therefore, it helps to provide information to customers quickly


Site unity

If you use the theme (design template), you will feel a sense of unity to the entire site. Even if you add a new content item, the theme is applied by default, so the editing effort is reduced.


Can be used effectively in a work-sharing structure

Anyone can update / add content, so you can set a work-sharing structure by multiple people. The person in charge of each page can concentrate on their own, and create a more accurate and information-rich site. In addition, it also has a simple workflow function, so you can apply the business such as pre-publication reviews and supervisor checks.


Prevent broken links

"Broken link" means that the linking page does not exist. Broken links reduce user convenience and result in poor page ratings. As a result, SEO will be adversely affected. In manual work, it takes time to check and customize for link management, but if you use CMS, the work will become easily.


Drupal is a famous open source CMS in the world used by large-scale websites such as government offices and universities. In addition to the standard functions of the CMS, it also contain many versatile and highly functional that allow to add necessary functions at any time to the target Web site.


Free of charge due to open source (GPL license)


Rich functions

In the Drupal community, there are many public modules (expansion features) and Theme (Design template).


Support multi-language

You can build a global website. For example, this option allows to provide Japanese and English pages on current website structure, it also allows to easily divide the language types such as providing Japanese/English contents only.


Aqcuia is a Drupal cloud service (managed service) created by Drupal developers. It provides a set of "development environment", "staging environment" and "real environment" necessary for development and operation without infrastructure procurement. In addition, source code deployment and database backup/restore can be performed based on UI of browsers, and you can assign and development resources for website development and Drupal customization.