The Third Quarter TTV Football Tournament Cup was held on 27th July.

Because Ho Chi Minh is currently in the midst of the rainy season, we worried until last minute whether the tournament would need to be postponed, but finally the weather was really nice!  It was because TTV members have been preparing very well!

Running and chasing the ball really hard…..

Showing leadership and stimulating co-workers….. 

They were so excited and showed us their unexpected sides which we cannot see during their daily work at TTV.  Through this games, we feel that the bond among members have deepened further.

In this time, we divided into 4 teams and battled each other.

The results as following.

1st Round:               team 1 - team 3: 4 - 2
2nd Round:              team 2 - team 4: 1 - 2
Semi Final Round:  team 2 - team 3: 3 - 2
Final Round:           team 1 - team 4: 5 - 3

Congratulation team No 1 for become the champion! You all got a special lunch and dinner as reward!


Congratulation team No4 for second place! Hope you to become the champion next time!


You did great team No2!


They played very hard regardless of whether they win or lose.

We hope that they are going to become even stronger by the next tournament cup.

Good luck everyone!